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Our commitment to technology is what allows us to offer our clients the most up do date data sets as well as our premium campaign material. Our technology based voice call tracking system allows a personal outlet for each client to view, and screen all calls made into the system related to their unique ID. By integrating technology with marketing we are able to offer a unique product that is not found in the industry today. All information processed via our voice call tracking system is only allowed access to the client, and we do not show your information to anyone else.

Synergy Media Group offers advanced call tracking technologies to collect business intelligence about your customers and the effectiveness of your marketing programs. But accumulated data alone cannot improve your business results. That's why Synergy Media Group is focused on helping you review, interpret and act on the information in a way that will increase your sales and improve your profitability.

Elysium Data Services

Our experience in technology allows us access to resources not made available to traditional marketers, thus giving us an edge in the market. All of our data migration processes are done in house and all information is kept completely confidential, and remains in the client’s file for 6 months after the final campaign date. Our data migration software takes a compilation of all data sets used in the industry currently as well as other private data which is sourced from various government organizations, to create the most accurate and effective customer list.

What sets us apart is our technology strategy to create the most optimal set of data obtained via our three stage screening process. We take a compilation of courthouse records, credit bureau statistics, as well as title and lender verification, these three datasets are screened via our custom data mining software. This program eliminates virtually all negative resources to filter for the most optimal target market of consumers.

Let’s face it data is the most significant factor in any marketing campaign, and our program eliminates any derogatories on a potential resource to bring you the most effective list available in the market today. Elysium gives us an edge in data processing power which is non-existent in the market today. Through our special screening process called “Strategic Psychological Intelligence”, we are able to provide the most accurate data set of potential consumers for our clients. By working together with our clients and affiliates to integrate our proprietary state-of-the-art technology and our passion for service, we are committed to improving all aspects of the financial media experience.

Data Integration Options:

  • Realty Data
  • ITA Credit Predictor Score
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Mortgage Interest Rate Type
  • Mortgage Date
  • Type of Property
  • Loan to Value Ratio
  • Lender Name Present
  • Mobile Home Indicator
  • Bankruptcy Data
  • Bankruptcy Status
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