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Our policy is interaction with our clients throughout the order process, making errors virtually unseen which allows us to guarantee our quality of service. No matter your target market, the same rule applies, you must always market to increase your business and grow your database of clients.

Our marketing concept in design of direct mail will bring you more qualified prospects that will not only respond to the marketing piece but also be more receptive to your programs. Our data migration technique will bring you a more qualified candidate and with today's news it is time to step up your marketing campaign to capitalize on this stimulus that is being pumped into our economy. If increasing the number of New customers is your objective, then Direct Mail is the solution.

Typically the national average in direct mail is .25% to .50%, we average a 2% - 4% nationwide rate.

Our campaign material is registered with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. so that no other mortgage company can take our mailers down to Kinko's and flood your area with them. We don't solicit your nearest competitors for business, nor will we ever quadruple, triple, or even double mail the people that you mail.  We put that in black and white. Our goal is to create a long term relationship with each and every one of our clients, which in turn leads to a major share being referral leads. We take an active role in all major mortgage/marketing industry conferences which allows us the unique opportunity to be a full service advertising firm with an inside edge.

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