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For most people a marketing campaign comes down to cost, but not only do we offer competitive pricing, but our campaign response rate are literally unmatched in the industry. We know a lot of people may say that their campaign offers the best response, but we will show you through our broad technology based solutions to marketing.

The national marketing mailer response rate is 0.25% to 0.50%, and in today’s turbulent economic markets you would be lucky to get a 0.50% response.

Through our cutting edge design breakthrough we have created a piece that is not a norm in the industry, and our piece does not get thrown away without being opened. The typical consumer that responds to our design piece is in the upper tier of their respected industry, and offers a response that can usually lead to the closing of a deal. Our campaigns receives a response rate above the national average at 2% to 4%, which is unheard of in our industry. We stay away from the standard mailer concept and that is what allows us to offer such a high response rate, as well as our integrated technology based verbiage to offer the consumer the most realistic ratio of return.

Where do we compile our data from?

We manage data from the top compilers in the country. Our mortgage data is compiled through county deed recordings and tax assessor information. Once the data is compiled, we cross reference the data from the multiple sources and utilize algorithms to acquire and combine the most accurate sources. The data is then cleaned further utilizing address standardization, Cass certification, and NCOA'd before output to ensure the cleanest data available. All Mortgage: Is our "master" mortgage file which includes all recordings from conventional, sub-prime, hard-money, VA, FHA and adjustable lenders and tax assessor information as well as HUD.

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