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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.

Our available features and benefits set us apart from the rest of the competition. Come see why our delivery, response, and design will bring you a more profitable campaign.

  • Performance Management System – Our technology based campaign activity tracking system allows you to follow each lead from call to deal, to optimize on your sales potential and your employees.
  • Complete Confidentiality – We know how valuable your data is, and we have installed state of the art security to keep it safe. We guarantee your dataset is protected for up to 6 months within our office.
  • Expanding Product Line – We follow the market and design products for what meets our client’s needs right now. Each piece we create is based on multiple criteria to achieve the most effective callback strategy.
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing – Overall our pricing beats any in the industry. All of our products are produced in house, allowing us flexibility in maintaining our deadlines as well as control of the quality of our products.
  • Flexibility in Mailings – You can mail once or sign up for multiple mailings. You don’t have to sign a contract for a year; you are able to adjust your mailings each and every month if you wish. You can break your campaign up between weeks or even days for the most effective returns.

Synergy Performance Management System:

Synergy provides you with individual national toll-free or local telephone numbers to insert into each ad you want to track. Calls to these numbers are then routed to your business phone using our reliable, carrier-grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

  • Get More from Your Marketing
    Synergy helps you take the guess work out of your marketing. Our real-time, Web-based reporting allows you to measure the impact of each ad buy and allocate marketing dollars where they'll generate the most leads.
  • Capture More Inbound Leads
    From the moment the phone number is dialed, our patented tracking technology captures important information about each call. This data is captured even if your line is busy or you're not there to answer the phone. With Synergy, you'll never miss a sales opportunity!
  • Close More Sales
    Accelerate the sales process and improve your team's ability to convert calls into sales with Synergy. Our CallReview feature allows you to digitally record every inbound call for coaching and training purposes. Replay conversations to pinpoint weak sales techniques and better target employee training. Monitor calls to recapture mishandled leads and increase conversion ratios. With Synergy, you have the insight you need into how calls are being handled; and your team has the feedback they need to improve their performance.


Synergy automatically captures complete data on every inbound call, including:
• Caller name, phone number & address
• Time and duration of every call
• Call result (connected, busy, ring-no-answer,etc.)
• Number of rings it took to answer the phone
• Call volume by lead source

Advertising ROI Analysis:

Take the guess work out of media buys. With Synergy's at-a-glance reports you know the exact return your getting on each of your ad sources including:
1. Which ads generate the most leads
2. Cost per lead results
3. Lead quality (as measure by call duration)

Call Pipeline Reporting:

Capitalize on leads with daily call detail summaries which include:
1. How many inbound calls received
2. Detailed caller information, including demographic data
3. Connection results (connected, busy, ring-no-answer, abandoned)
4. Which prospects are repeat callers
You can also listen to call recordings to learn how individual calls are being handled by your staff and status on call follow-up.

Traffic Analysis & Trending Data:

Plan staffing based on real data from your inbound call database. Daily, weekly and monthly snapshots allow you to spot trends including:
1. Call connection ratios (answered vs missed calls)
2. Calls-per-day and traffic patterns by location
3. Peak calls by hour, peak calls by day of the week
Synergy reports are available 24x7 through a secure Web login, via FTP downloads, or by email. Your data can even be provided as XML for seamless integration with your CRM system.

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