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Our Experience & Expertise

The foundation for a strong organization is its people who are leaders in their industry. Our strength comes directly from our people.

Corporate Office:

John Hancock Center

875 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 3100
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 800.313.8422 | Fax: 312.794.7912


  • Roger Pate
  • Mark Ferguson
  • David Morris
  • Jack McAndrews
  • Bobby Joseph

Mortgage Experts

  • Jonathan Walsh
  • David Lynch
  • Drew Bieler
  • Massimo Micheletti
  • Anthony Edwards
  • Kevin Philler
  • Derek Bemer
  • Peter Ross
  • Ted Flores


  • Debbie Moore
  • Kelly Getmo
  • Rebecca Phillipi
  • Julie Jackson
  • Stephanie Young
  • Samantha Atkins
  • Karyn Grahn
  • Sharon Gruber

Design Team

  • Leslie Johnson
  • Jennifer Stevens
  • Debbie Jackson
  • Amy Masterson
  • Caroline Krause
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